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Whole Grain Breads at SFBI

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Whole Grain Breads at SFBI

I just finished a week at SFBI taking their whole grain bread class.  We made about 20 different kinds of bread;  they were all good and many were outstanding.  There were lots of interesting shapes, and we used many add-ins, such as dried pears, nuts, seeds and sprouted wheat berries.  This was the third week-long class I've taken there, and I'm starting to be able to work more efficiently and keep up with the more experienced students.  As usual, there was a mixture of home bakers and professionals.  It was a very productive week and I'm becoming more certain that I want to pursue baking and pastry as a second career.


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Way to go Maryann! Perhaps the next thing you need to investigate is an internship. 

wishing you all the best in your pursuits,


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I've taken the Artisan I and II workshops. They were totally wonderful. 

Who was the instructor for the whole grain workshop?

Did you solve the problems with adapting your home oven to the SFBI formulas? Have you tried the steaming method they recommend? (It works marvelously for me.)

I'd love to see photos and comments on any of the breads you are baking at home.

Happy baking!


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Frank Sally was the instructor.

I am still having difficulties creating crust and ears, even though I have tried the ice/perforated pan method.  Maybe I need to use more ice, or more chain in the pan below the ice, though I do get lots of steam in the oven.

I have also tried a covered clay baker and cast iron double dutch oven, but still have not had good results.  Any suggestions would be welcome.