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Anybody remember these?

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Anybody remember these?

I do (this is a tease ) ....

Stan Ginsberg

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A really BIG "onion roll" ?


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That's what I make with my left over pizza dough. Why only yesterday I made one topped with black and white sesame seeds and sesame oil. Yummo!

Sorry no pix, the piggies ate em'.


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what is it? A focaccia? The picture gave me a sudden sense of hunger! Can you describe it?

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Boron Elgar


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Made them last night and they took me back to Brooklyn in the 1950s.

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OMG, I've been searching for years to find a bakery that still makes these.  Some of my fondest childhood food memories is eating chopped liver on an onion pletzel; and then again, I was partial to cottage cheese and bananas on 'em too!  

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Stan is the recipe for these in your book? 

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that's why I called the pic a tease :)

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in the Bread in Five book, and they are downright yummy, will have to definitly try your recipe (authentic for sure) once the book comes out!

I made some with sliced very thin red and green peppers and the onions, and they were totally delicious as well, they would be good for snacks for the kids instead of those chips or crackers from the store.

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No, I don't remember those at all! I wasn't in Brooklyn in 1950's (was in nappies/diapers in Japan)....well, come to think of it, never been to US, yet.

So what are they? They look very yummy. Is the recipe going to be in your new book? Will the book be published on this side of pond? (I mean Atlantic pond, not Pacific...I'm in UK now)

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George Greenstein, in Secrets of a Jewish Baker, describes them as Jewish focaccia.  He then goes on to say that pletzel dough can also be rolled thin, given only a thin coating of the onion topping, and then sprinkled more heavily with poppy seeds.  Baked unrisen, this makes crackers.

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Wish I knew more Yiddish.  I get such a kick out of seeing words that originated from the German, like schmear or schlepp and Plätzchen - or Plätzel - in German means cookie, and normally not done with onions, grin.....


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which you find at  It is fun to read.  You are always sort of on your own re quantities. Here the recipe for onion Platz.


Take a piece of rye bread dough. After it has risen sufficiently roll out quite thin, butter a long cake pan and put in the rolled dough. Brush with melted butter; chop some onions very fine, strew thickly on top of cake, sprinkle with salt, put flakes of butter here and there. Another way is to chop up parsley and use in place of onions. Then called "Petersilien Platz."