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scale - converting to grams?

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scale - converting to grams?

Does anyone know how to get the Weigh Of Life scale to show grams? I don't have the manual and I've scoured the internet for hours without results. Currently it shows ounces, and no amount of button pushing seems to change that.

The scale looks like this:

(mine is an older version with a metal plate instead of glass)


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Just Loafin

Might not be possible, as some are unfortunately Imperial weights only...

Can you give an exact model number? I'm sure there's a manual available online, but just 'looking like' isn't gonna get us there... need the exact model.

- Keith

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Hi, it is a bit of an inconvenience, but you could multiply ounces by 28.375 to get grams.

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1 oz = 28g

2 oz = 57g

3 oz = 85g

4 oz = 115g

5 oz = 140g

remember those five conversions, and addition/subtraction/multiplication/division will do the rest

Stan Ginsberg

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Mini Oven

:)  on the left side...  Many of these creatures need two buttons pushed with one hand while the other toggles up and down or < and > to change the weight indication information.