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Chile and Cheese (two quickbreads and one sourdough)

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Chile and Cheese (two quickbreads and one sourdough)


These are three bakes using chile (jalapeno or chipotle) and cheddar cheese (I've had a craving lately for some spicy things!).

The first bake is a Cornmeal Biscuit with Cheddar and Chipotle, an old favorite from Bon Appetit Magazine, March 2006:

The baked biscuits (cheesy, oniony, with some background heat from the chipotle); we love these!:

It mixed up into a wettish dough; I folded the dough a few times incorporating some extra flour.
I froze the biscuits before baking:

The second bake is Sourdough Cheese Bread from Advanced Bread and Pastry (scaled to 1500 grams for two loaves, including 212 grams cubed sharp cheddar and 90 grams diced, seeded jalapeno slices (from a jar)).  Lots of gooey cheese melting out during the bake! I’ve been wanting to try making a cheddar and jalapeno bread for a long time.
We couldn’t wait to let this cool down before cutting into it to try. Mmmm, good!:

The third bake is Southwest Corn Bread, from Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads by Ciril Hitz.
With thanks to Mr. Hitz for this lovely corn bread formula! This is a Cheddar, Corn, Chile and Lime version.

I included the zest and juice (50 grams) of one lime, and 60 grams of crème fraiche, in place of some of the milk called for in the formula.  The lime flavor really came through and was very tasty.

I added four roasted, diced jalapenos and although my husband thought this was fine!, some parts were very spicy
(I thought sometimes the heat overtook the lime and other flavors). Next time, I might just add two jalapenos.
I roasted four peeled cobs of corn, and took the corn off the cob, to add some deeper corn flavor to the bread.
The tops of the corn breads are decorated with roasted red pepper. We really enjoyed these too!
Here is the crumb shot:

Happy baking everyone!
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I especially like your substitution of lime juice and creme fraiche for some of the milk for the Southwest Corn Bread and the addition of the roasted corn.  Maybe next time with some crema and Mexican lime juice, just to push it further south of the border?

It appears that my library of baking books is at least a couple of volumes short.


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Hello Paul,
I love crema and if I'd had some I would have surely used it :^)
So glad you like the lime and roasted corn too - these were delicious additions, for my tastebuds.
Mr. Hitz has written a wonderful book, imho; so far I've tried the Gibassier, Croissants, variations of Basic Sweet Dough, and now the Southwest Corn Bread. Everything so far has tasted so, so good!
I've just looking over the table of contents, and Mr. Hitz has included so many more tempting things:
Lemon Brioche Doughnuts, Rum-Raisin-Almond Brioche, Apple Kuchen, Bostock.... (looking forward to getting back to this book!).
If you get this book I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!
:^) from breadsong

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Those look delicious, Breadsong.  I love the heat and could probably double the dosage of jalapenos without breaking into a sweat, but that is just me and I have probably done irrepairable damage to my tongue from reckless chili eating!  That sourdough cheese bread looks gorgeous.  Really nice baking!


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Hello Syd - thanks so much!
My husband loves the 'heat' too - he was very happy to see these things coming out of the oven.
So glad you liked the SD - we love it - another great formula from ABAP!
:^) from breadsong

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Hi Breadsong,

Those biscuits have the appearance of a really classy Cheese Scone here in the UK.

Woderful baking with Cheese

All good wishes


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Hello Andy,
I made these biscuits just as I would a scone. Thank you so much for your compliments!
I am always happy with the tenderness and flavor of these ones.
:^) from breadsong

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Nice bakes, Breadsong!  I love the flavor of cheese with peppers.  Those look excellent, especially the gorgeous sourdough.


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Thank you, Glenn!

Your cheese and curry bread looks delicious, too (another one for 'the list'!)
from breadsong

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With any one of those three bakes, I would have felt I'd done a great job for the weekend.   Very impressive, and of course delicious.  -Varda

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Hello Varda,
Thanks so much. The biscuits and bread were baked over the course of this past weekend, but the corn bread was made a couple of weeks ago :^)
The corn bread took a little longer to put together, first roasting and peeling peppers, roasting the corn, etc. but it was so worth it!
Thanks so much for your kind words!
from breadsong

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yummy!  I love to see how you have "tweaked" recipes.  I agree with you.  I really like Ciril Hitz's cookbooks. I have baked almost everything in his cookbooks and they always turn out.  On a totally different subject, I am starting to photograph my bread.  Did u put some of your bread on the edge of your counter inorder to get crumb shot??


breadsong's picture

Hello Pam,
Thanks! It was so tasty to have tried adding in a few different things for these breads!
I'd made the corn bread once before without the lime and quite liked it also (that one had some crumbled bacon in it :^)  )
Can't wait to see your photos! In these photos, most things are near the edge of the counter so I can get closer with the camera; all pictures were taken with a macro setting for close-ups.
:^) from breadsong

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Everything looks so delicious!  Wow, the combinations are mouthwatering.  I'm always running out of cornmeal.... 'lol' the other day I used it all up making fried catfish...oh your muffins would have went great that cajun spicy dinner!  I also love CH recipes....the  muffins look so tasty and appealing with topping!  Very nicely done, breadsong!


breadsong's picture

Hello Sylvia,
If spicy is what you were looking for, those 4 jalapenos in the corn bread would have done it :^)
Thanks so much - your compliments are so nice, and it means a lot to me, coming from such a talented cook and baker!!!
:^) from breadsong