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Electrolux attachment vs Nutrimill

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Robert C.

Electrolux attachment vs Nutrimill

Hi everyone,

My 1st post - just discovered this great site :)

Found you as I was researching grains and grain mills. I was all set to order a Nutrimill when I almost by accident saw that the Electrolux Magic Mill Assistant mixer can be equiped with a Grain & Spice Mill attachment.

As I think that my EMMA is my best Kitchen appliance (and still goes strong after 20 years) I'm now seriously tempted by the Grain Mill attachment (doesn't hurt that it is $100 cheaper than a Nutrimill.

Does anyone have experience with this attachment? How noisy is it? Does it heat the flour more than the Nutrimill, and very importantly, how coarse can it grind? I'm definitly looking for a mill that grinds visibly coarser than the usual KA flours I can buy.

Thanks for any counsel you can provide.