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vermont sourdough, an ode from Timisoara

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vermont sourdough, an ode from Timisoara

This bread is problably a classic, everybody seems to love it. And how comes one not to? I usually try to bake and eat more whole wheat breads, but this bread is hard to resist to. I followed the recipe "by the book", with 10 hours retard in the fridge, baking them directly from the fridge, and I suspect both breads were just a little bit underproofed. Probably an hour at room temperature would have been a better thing to do. I didn't manage to score the boule as it should have been done (I'm not good with boules, in fact this is my best boule so far, usually I ended up with a round flat mass of dough), but both loafs were a pure delight to eat. I've never seen a loaf (in my home) to disappear so quickly, and the name that I gave to this bread, translated from romanian, is "The bread with taste of home"

for the boule shaping, I tried to follow teresa's instructions from this video.

here are some pictures.

for more pictures and recipe (in romanian, with (funny) english tranlation available on the sidebar) go to Apa.Faina.Sare.

cheers, Codruta


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Lovely work, codruta.


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Hi codruta,

Good blog entry too; you should add the photo of the bread sliced, so we can all see the lovely crumb to compliment that crust you achieved.

Best wishes


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thanx, andy, I forgot about the crumb!

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and bread as well!   -Varda

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Postal Grunt

It's the recipe that has inspired a lot of loaves from just the bakers on this site. There will be a lot more in the future.

Very nice work, I'm sure you made your family happy with that bake.

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I love the name you have given this loaf, ' The bread with the taste of home'.  Sounds so much richer than simply 'homemade bread' now I will have to use your 'name'.

 I think I will finally have to bake this loaf too since so many people on TFL have...your addition has tipped the scales and moved this loaf up on my 'to bake list'.

Thanks for the posting and the inclusion of the shaping video.  She makes it look so easy and her hands are so expressive when she talks!

Take Care,


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The photos are great and the bread looks delicious.  Thankfully the Apa.Faina page offers translations.  I can handle Russian but not Romanian (yet).  But I just sent a link to a Moldovan friend who has all three languages and is interested in baking, so who knows?  Thanks again.