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Great blog entry (with pics) on the Wondermill

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Great blog entry (with pics) on the Wondermill

Thanks to the Bread Feed, I stumbled across this GREAT description of the WonderMill, along with a recipe for 100% whole wheat bread. Her experience with the mill is identical to mine, and she's got great pictures to boot. Also has a recipe.

I made some buttermilk whole-wheat bread myself last night -- we ran out of whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread, so I whipped some up. Mmmmmmm.

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Cliff Johnston

The Wondermill is limited to producing fine flour. 

The Nutrimill can make fine flour too and also courser grades up to cracked grain...  This is very important if one plans on making a variety of breads.

Bloggers are often just so much hot air...

Cliff. Johnston
"May the best you've ever seen,
 Be the worst you'll ever see;"
from A Scots Toast by Allan Ramsay

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Huh. That's good to know -- I wasn't aware that a microniser-type mill could produce cracked grains. I like my WonderMill a lot, and though there is a noticable difference between the coarsest grade it will produce and finest, the coarsest grade isn't what I'd call a truely coarse grind.

Anyway, I can't speak to the blogger's impressions of the Nutrimill, so perhaps that part isn't accurate, but I can say that her description of the WonderMill is spot-on.

I'd like the ability to crack grains and produce coarser flours from time to time, so I'm thinking of getting a hand-cranked mill to flake and crack grains, and, if possible, to grind coarse flour. Can anyone recommend something?

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Actually, the blogger talks about her experience with the Magic Mill and not the Nutrimill. She also explicitly says that the WonderMill doesn't make coarse flour.

When you said she was "full of hot air", I'd thought you meant she was inaccurately describing the Nutrimill, Cliff. Now I'm not sure what you meant?