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Workhorse Pizza Dough

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Workhorse Pizza Dough

  Just what's needed, right?  Another pizza dough.  There's nothing glamorous about this one, either.  That's what I love about it - it's dependable above all else.  It makes a nice pizza and some pretty good sandwich rolls.  The triple batch gives me enough dough for a pizza the size of my pizza stone and sandwich rolls for a week's worth of lunches.  This has become my standard survival bake when I don't have time for anything else.
   Other selling points?  Sure.  Minimal hands-on time (though you do have to plan a day ahead).  Enough whole wheat and sourdough to be satisfying, yet enough white flour to feel like "real" pizza.  Not so hydrated that it's a hassle to work with.  Flexible, particularly regarding the starter.  The precise amount of starter isn't all that important (It could conceivably be left out altogether, but where's the fun in that?) and neither is it's age.  I frequently make it with a little less than what's in the formula or with starter that's a little past its prime.
   I know I'm being vague on the olive oil.  I wouldn't go so far as to say it is optional, but the precise amount is, well... I never actually measure it, but it must be somewhere between a teaspoon and a tablespoon per portion.  I go with what feels good.


 weights in grams% of flour
Whole Wheat Flour4794141100%
Initial Starter17345136%
Whole Wheat Flour10020030040%
Bread Flour15030045060%
Instant Yeast2460.80%
olive oil to taste    
Whole Wheat Flour15731347051%
Bread Flour15030045049%
Instant Yeast2460.65%
olive oil to taste    
salt in tsp1.002.003.00 
yeast in tsp0.501.001.50 

Mix dry ingredients and starter.
Add water, knead 3-4 minutes.
Pour olive oil over dough and let it rest 3-5 minutes.
Knead about a minute (or less) just enough to work the oil in a bit and tighten up the dough.

Refrigerate 24 hrs - it should be double or better in size.

Divide, rest a few minutes.
Shape into a ball for pizza or final shape for sandwich rolls.
Cover and proof 1 - 1 1/2 hours. 
Shape, top and bake pizza as hot as possible.
Reduce oven temp to 450F and bake rolls about 25 minutes with light steam.


Using part for pizza and part for bread works out nicely.  The bread needs a little longer proof so by the time the pizza is done the bread should be about ready to bake.  The pizza usually only gets an hour proof because I need to get dinner on the table, but a little longer works even better.