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Must be time for croissants

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Must be time for croissants

There was a bit of frost on the grass here in Pretoria overnight and the temperature inside the house at 6:30 this morning was a bracing 55ºF.  By 3:30 this afternoon, the indoor temperature had rocketed all the way up to 57ºF!  Another day or two of this and the granite counter tops in the kitchen should be chilled enough to handle laminated doughs with no risk of butter breakouts.  That, of course, assumes that the butter block is soft enough to be malleable.  I may have to set it out in the sun for a few minutes...



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Now, that's brisk.  

What was the temp outside the house, Paul? 

On the other hand, had I not been running the heater here in the north woods, thanks to past nights of 37F, I imagine I'd be suffering through the same discomfort.  Spring is only semi-sprung....