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pain au levain with whole wheat flour (addapted from hamelman's book "bread")

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pain au levain with whole wheat flour (addapted from hamelman's book "bread")

by George, I think I've got it!

I find it difficult to follow a recipe whitout making a few small modification, even though I don't intend to in the beginning. This time i've increased the whole-wheat and rye flour quantity given in the formula (by ~10%), decreased the amount of bread flour, which in consequence made me increase the quantity of water.  I'm pleased with the result, even if the couronne didn't expand as much as I would of wanted (I suspect it was a bit underproofed, and maybe a little underbaked??). I tried to slice the loaf after 3 hours, but it was still a bit warm in the middle, so I gave up and decided to wait until tomorrow. The crust is thick, and it shattered in pieces under the knife when I cut it.

I don't know about others, but since I bought hamelman book, my breads improved a lot. (I started baking bread about 2 years ago, having my starter since then, and I purchase hamelman's "bread" a month ago)

Recipe in romanian can be found here, translation available on the sidebar:



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If it tastes as fine as it looks, your in for some wonderful eating ;-)


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Lovely work.


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I like the placement of the rose in the photo. You should be very proud of your couronne shaping! Beautiful work.

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Hi codruta,

So you should indeed be pleased with the result.

Maybe "By Jeffrey, I think I've got it!"??

Personally, I think the qualifier in the title of this book is at least as important as the main title word.   It speaks volumes: "A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes"

Still, Great Bread!

Best wishes


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And I have the same question as Karl about the triangles.   It makes a nice star pattern.   It seems that your improvisation worked very well.   -Varda

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I totally agree with you about Hamelman's Bread. I spent three days reading it and learning a lot. I've been baking for years and years and this book took me to the next level. Yay!

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Lovely looking bread!



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Congrats, Codruta!

Best of baking!

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thank you all! This was my first post and I am overwhelmed by your kind words and encouragements. (and I hope I can make myself understood, because english is not my first language :)

for the couronne, I did not use a bundt pan (cause I don't have one), I used a frying pan and an upside-down little bowl, covered whith a floured towel, as shown in the first picture. I followed susan's instructions (, and as I inverted the loaf on the peel after the proofing time, the nice triangles remained on the bottom.There's a picture with the loaf prepared to be baked.

I also took some pictures of the crumb today, it's maybe a little denser than I would of  wanted, but the taste is exactly as I expected: not too sour, whith a pleasant detectable rye and wheat flavour.


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Hello codruta,
Your breads are gorgeous. I look forward to any future photos/blogs you may wish to share!
from breadsong