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Liquid Yeast Sourdough

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Liquid Yeast Sourdough

A lot has been said regarding using the liquid wild yeast or water yeast for sourdough and thought I would give you an idea of the results that I have been getting.  I use a double feed for my bread  and by that I mean that I refresh the yeast water routinely and when I am ready to bake, I take 1 part yeast water and 2 parts flour, or there abouts.  I don't really measure to the inth degree just generally use a 1/2 cup measure and fill the container and add that to my yeast water and stir. It really depends on the amount of levain I will need ....sometimes I empty the original starter to about half and sometimes I don't.... Later in the day, I do the same thing again and this time I might add more flour and more yeast water, again depending on the amount of Levain I need. 

Yesterday afternoon,  I made a recipe of sourdough and let it rise for a few hours and then punched it down and bagged it and stuck it in the refrigerator over night.   This morning I took it out and let it rest and warm up on the counter for at least an hour while I did morning chores and then shaped it and put it on an oiled and floured parchment.  I left it in the microwave to rise while I was out shopping.  I honestly don't know the total amount of time that it proofed but most all afternoon and I baked the boule first as it seemed to have risen the most and I felt the batard could wait. 

The result was a beautiful batard that proofed beautifully and baked in a nice shape and color. 

 I will share  a picture of the crumb when I cut it. 


This is the  boule that I made using the same type levain but baked it in a cast iron pot.  I used a different recipe and am anxious to see if the taste is different.   I really overbrowned the botton of the boule as I forgot to turn down the oven but it didn't burn just got darker than I would have liked.

The crumb:

As you can see by the one end that was cut off, we had this bread with our dinner tonight.  I can tell you that it was very good.  My husband was all smiles.