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Upgraded the WYSIWYG editor

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Upgraded the WYSIWYG editor

I upgraded the WYSIWYG editor on the site today.  It now has a spellchecker (yay!) and should work on newer versions of IE.  I think.  

Please let me know if you run into any trouble.  If you can include browser and platform information in your comment it would be most helpful.




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Will do


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Personally can't stand any WYSIWYG editor, any chance you could make it possible to disable by default? Just a nitpik really, clicking "Disable rich-text" with each comment is mildly annoying.

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I think you can turn it off in your account now.  I'm going to keep it default for folks though because the majority of people find it helpful.  

I prefer raw html too.

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That is what I meant, I put too many words in that request. >.<

I found the setting to disable it, the wording isn't clear but I figured it out. Thanks.

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Hello. This is a test of 'paste from Word'.

Only I'm pasting from OpenOffice — on a Macintosh.


Will it work?

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 Thank you for the spellchecker that is very helpful to me. 

Best wishes,


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    For the moment, I'm avoiding upgrading to IE9, as I didn't really like it as much as IE8 which I currently use.

    I've found a way to block it from my pc list of suggested upgrades, so I can keep to what I have now.

    I think the new buttons you've included in the top bar of the comments will be useful for many.

    Thanks a lot


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    I didn't care for IE9 either.  It automatically installed and I had to uninstall and choose options that I would make the decision of what to be installed. 

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    Thanks. Paste from Word is helpful.


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    What is "paste from Word"? I haven't used the Office suite since 2000 when I switched to a modern operating system. So?

    I am very happy to see the two stage paste is no longer in operation. With so many French terms with their special characters (à, á, ç, è, é, for example), and the degree symbol (e.g. 350°F), the extra foofaraw was a royal PITA, and I'm not talking about a pocket bread. ;) This is one change that is well worthwhile.

     Spell checking is a Good Thing®.  I use Firefox/Iceweasel, so I could activate its spell checker, but built into the editor is better.



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    I work as a web developer and can, from experience, say that "Paste From Word" is a godsend.

    As odd and counter-intuitive as it may seem, many people prefer composing anything longer than a paragraph in MS Word rather than in <input> HTML boxes in web-browsers. The unfortunate part is that MS Word tries to be "Smart" and insert a rather daunting amount of HTML and custom markup that wreaks mass havoc on most text boxes and subsequent web pages. You would think it could be simple enough to strip out HTML and such markup, but the stripped markup text from MS Word is a whole other mess that becomes quickly unreadable by most peoples standards. "Paste From Word" fixes the MS markup and makes it semantically correct for general web publishing. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could cut and paste text as text...

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    I'm mostly retired now, but my job has been fixing things for developers. HTML and css are still uncharted territories for all too many soi-disant web designers.Why else would anyone let Dreamweaver write their markup and css?

    As to copy/pasting from Word; my word is "don't". There are reasons for using text editors, even crippled editors like Notepad. For those who won't change, HTMLTidy does a decent cleanup of Word's mess.

    That said, I guess a Word cleanup button is a Good Thing®. Thanks for the clarification.