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Cheap Proofing Baskets

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Cheap Proofing Baskets

I was researching deck ovens at Empire Bakery Equipment, but I found some DIRT CHEAP plastic proofing baskets. Yeah, they're not reed baskets, but they'll due. I thought I would pass it along! :o)


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Karen Guse

They are so easy to clean.  Sometimes Empire bake has used ones, I got mine for 2 bucks a peice, you can't beat that.

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Good price, but $19 to ship two baskets?

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Karen Guse

I was buying thirty of them, so the shipping wasn't a big deal.  


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I have been using the ratton bannettons from Lucky Clover trading co. I am happy to say that they are worth the price.


9" ovel, is around 6.50 for example.  very good deals for sure