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Other than a Diamant, is the Country Living Mill the only mill with a flywheel?

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Other than a Diamant, is the Country Living Mill the only mill with a flywheel?

I am about to order a grain mill and my budget is no more than $450.00 and I really like what I have read about the Country Living Mill. 

However, when researching this subject late last year, I could have sworn that there was another grain mill with a flywheel for about the same price of the Country Living Mill. This grain mill I thought I saw had a picture of a small child turning the flywheel.

Anyone know what I might have seen?

Other than the Diamant and Country Living Mill, are there any other grain mills that have a flywheel within my budget of $350.00 - $450.00?


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There is a mill called a grainmaker that is similar but more exspensive

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on ease of grinding.

Yes, we all know I love my Diamant.  The weight of the cast iron flywheel makes a difference.  But I do understand it is not in everyone's budget.

The Country Living has a "power bar" that will give more leverage and allow the mill to be turned more easily. I believe the Grainmakes does, too.

But some factors that also make a significant difference are how you mill (Grinding in one pass from grain to fine flour will take considerable effort in any mill.  Doing the same thing in several passes may take more elapsed time , but less pure muscle.) and how you load the hopper ( If you load a lot of grain in the hopper, it will be more difficult to turn the mill at any setting than if you load just a little.)

I've been turning my mill for years, now - just sayin'

A picture of a child turning a mill is charming, no doubt, but don't take it as "truth in advertising."

Good luck with your choice of a mill. Especially with a hand turned mill this is a big decision since the relative ease of turning the thing will be a big factor in whether or not you can stay with hand milling.

Happy Milling!