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Looking for a yellow or white dump cake recipe

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Looking for a yellow or white dump cake recipe

I have a chocolate "dump" cake that is outstanding. Essentially it rises because it has vinegar and baking soda in it. I have tried adapting it for a yellow cake but the flavor is never quite right-it usually tastes kind of like raw flour or pasty.

Ingredients for the chocolate cake is Flour,sugar,cocoa powder,salt,water,vinegar,baking soda,oil.

Anyone have a good tasting yellow/white cake that has a similar ingredient list?

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i have a chocolate recipe too, its called a fudge cake though dump cake sounds more suitable! maybe if you tried to go for a more caramel flavour? i love this recipe, and usually flavour with coffee when i make it let us know how you go :)

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I have always known the recipie for a "Dump" cake to be a box cake mix and a can of fruit pie filling.  I don't remember the exact recipie but if anyone does please forward it to me.  It was so delicious and soooo EASY!!

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laron, just google dump cake because it is so simple and there are a million variations and yet the dump part is all the same.....just the fruit is different.

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I know there are lots of dump cakes out there, many with fruit, and I definitely know how to google. If you read my original post, I am looking for a  yellow/white cake version that has a close match to the chocolate version which has: flour,sugar,cocoa powder,salt,oil,water,vinegar and baking soda.

I have tried making the chocolate recipe without the cocoa powder and while it looks ok, the taste is very bland and pasty. I did add vanilla for the white version. Any suggestions out there. I was hoping someone had already developed a recipe like this with some twist that I'm missing for that added deliciousness.

Would this be a case of sourdough starter adding some subtle deliciousness?Or is there some flavorant I can add? I need to avoid milk,butter and eggs.

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It pays to have the correct name to search for. My mom had it listed under her "Dump Cake" list in her cook book but Wacky cake was also mentioned. I called it a "Camper Cake" because the first time we frosted it we put a ppicture of our new camper on it. It was forevermore the "Camper Cake" recipe.

So I found many variations on the chocolate version.



Vanilla Almond:


Another Lemon:

I don't know how the variations taste yet but the chocolate cake is fabulous. I double the recipe for a 9x13 pan. It makes a tall,fluffy and moist cake that is definitely more delicious than any box cake I have ever made. I often used to make up a mix of dry ingredients in a ziploc bag and have them in the cupboard ahead of time. Dump it into the pan (no pan prep needed!),dump in the wet ingredients and mix and bake.Make it once and you'll know why I wanted an easy variation on other flavors. You may never make another box cake.

So try one of them out and let me know what you think. Seems some of the comments I found on how to change it to a vanilla cake were in line with what I found. Doubling the vanilla,adding some almond flavor and decreasing the sugar seemed to help.