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Where to buy Soft Red Wheat in Ohio

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Where to buy Soft Red Wheat in Ohio

I am looking for someplace local to buy soft red wheat.  I am located north of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The only 'local' place - at a farmer market, that has soft wheat wants like $7.50 for a 5lb bag!  Okay, this just seems a little high to me considering I can get a 25lb bag of hard wheat for $12 and 5lbs isn't going to last me very long.

I can mail order from for $2.10/5lb bag, but shipping really starts to add up when you get 20+lbs. 

Does anyone in the Cincy area buy local wheat???  If so, where and how much?? I am almost out, so I need to order soon or I will have to cut back on the muffins and scones :(




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Mmmm....interesting question.  My first thought was just to call  your local grain elevator and ask if you can have a bag! 

But then I googled around and although Ohio grows most of the Soft Red Wheat in the States, it doesn't sound like it's readily available for sale to regular local people! 

I did see that the Nagel Mill here in Cincinanti used to process soft red wheat and you might give them a call to see if they can put you on to a source.

There is contact information for Nagel on this BBB site:

 Good luck!  I will want to follow your progress!

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Okay...I was not successful at locating any soft red wheat in Ohio for consumer purchase :(

I did call all the big grain said I could buy a barge full or a rail car...I asked when they closed so I could come in and fill up my pickup bed!  I was in contact with a woman from Ohio Grain or something like that (sounded really official).  She emailed me a couple times, but I guess she ran into the same issues I did.

Well, I ended up buying from my usual place Weisenberger Mills in Kentucky --  So I was able to get a 50lb bag of soft red wheat for $12.95  PLUS $20 shipping....They charge actual shipping, and the grain was a great deal.  I got it next day by UPS!  Well, it isn't that far away, but would have cost me more in time and gas than it was worth, so I opted for shipping.

I am good for a while on all of my hard and soft wheat.  Guess I will wait and see, then broswe around again when I am getting low.  I am going to contact LS, as I would like to get some other grains, if they store those too.



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There's 3 places N. of Cincinnati that I know of that sells bulk wheat berries.  A few miles west of Middletown, Ohio ---- Strikes Family Orchard on Rt. 122 between Gratis and Eton,

Greenville, Ohio ---Country Bulk Foods

And there's a place out of WILMINGTON BUT CAN"T REMEMBER NAME

Here's one I haven't been to.