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DIY vanilla extract

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DIY vanilla extract

I've just ordered some Mada bourbon beans that I will make my own extract from.

I know the recipe normally calls for vodka.

Has anyone every tried light rum or cachaça?

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I saw a big bottle of amber rum (I think it was Bacardi Gold but can't remember for sure), loaded with vanilla beans, at the Hawaiian Vanilla Company on the Big Island.
It was a beautiful sight!
I've been wanting to try making some vanilla extract with rum ever since...what am I waiting for?
Thanks for the reminder.
from breadsong 

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From experience I would most definitely not use vodka.  Brandy works well and so does rum.


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That's the only one I've tried when I made my own vanilla and it was beautiful.

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I generally use Vodka and "B" grade beans I get on ebay for cheep. Rum sounds like it would be amazing, but I don't know how I would keep my husband from drinking it >.> America's test kitchen, however, found that the imitation vanila from the market yieled almost indistiguishable flavor in baked good, which annoyed the tar out of me. I still use my vanila, but I don't trip out as much when I am in between batches.

Another note, when I make extract I scrape the "caviar" off the bean and save that before I start the soak. Pleanty remains on the bean for lots of specs in the extract and it is a fun item to have on hand.

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Save it for ................ ?

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while my vanilla is "brewing."

Hoe can I make use of the bean in a recipe?

Or can't I?