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Buttermilk Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday

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Buttermilk Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday

Buttermilk Hot Cross Buns        


If you would like the recipe I used it is referred to on my blog HERE.   I add extra homemade candied orange and lemon peel.  I also use golden raisins a little extra spice of nutmeg and cinnamon.  I like to up the hydration too, by adding a little extra buttermilk.  I glazed the buns with beaten egg yolk with about a TBspoon of milk.  I also towel steamed my buns for the first 12 minutes.  I made a Royal Icing for the baked on crosses, I've tried them before and I don't care for the flavor or texture of the baked crosses, IMHO, the baked on crosses are for the benefit of commercial baking and selling of the HCB, so the crosses don't melt or disfigure...IMHO!  I think the added little sweetness of the lemon flavored icing crosses goes great with the buns.



                                        These are very large buns.  





                                                   Very tender crumb, pulled apart still warm.



                                             These were frosted still a little warm....the Lemon Royal Icing will harden nicely and not melt away on the buns when covered for

                                    later eating.









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I'm ready for breakfast! I think the candied peel is a nice touch for the eyes and mouth.

Happy Easter,

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Happy Easter to you!  I can't stop snacking on the candied orange peel..I had to make another whole batch for these buns.  

Lot's of baking is going on here today!  Breads, cookies, sorted buns!


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Hello Sylvia, Your hot cross buns look delectable.
The lemon frosting is an interesting idea - sounds practical for gift-giving, to have a frosting that won't stick to any 'wrapping'.
And it's flavor must be a perfect complement to your candied lemon and orange peel.
Very lovely! from breadsong


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Hi Sylvia,

Well I'd promised myself not to look at any HCB posts this week as I've been up to my ears in them at work this Easter, but when I saw that you had made some I just had to take a peek. I'm glad I did cause they're gorgeous, and I love that crumb! I believe you're right about the crossing paste being primarily a commercial thing, particularly nowadays, but it may also be that when they were first concocted it was simply a more economical way of doing it. I've had them with a crossing made of very thick pastry cream and it's not bad either. It bakes right onto the bun and gives it a nice vanilla flavour.

Happy Easter Sylvia!


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 Wishing you both a very Happy Easter!


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These are beautiful, Sylvia, thank you for posting! ...  I've been busy lately so I quickly scanned the content notification email then turned off my computer. But I kept thinking about your tantalizing blog. Buttermilk Hot Cross Buns! Had to come back and look. The candied lemon and orange peel make it extra special. I'm teaching two more bread classes this week and will be adding candied peel to my shopping list.