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Hamelman's Wholewheat Multigrain

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Hamelman's Wholewheat Multigrain

This is the usual Hamelman's Wholewheat Multigrain, only i baked twice the recipe yield, and kept the hydration untouched.



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A very nice bake, Khalid.

Must have taken a fair bit of kneading to get the crumb that smooth.

Was it by hand or mixer?


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Thank you, Occa!

I Knead By Hand. it took a while to know how to properly develop gluten in a dough , especially with multigrain bits and pieces flying around the bench!


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Now that is lovely looking bread! Nice scoring!  I want one for a sandwich! :)

Well done, Khalid.


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Thank you Syd! It is lovely for sandwiches... any kind of sandwich will do.

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There must be 6kg of dough to work up here.   How very satisfying!   Really lovely finished breads too.

Very best wishes


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The scoring was wonderful, Khalid.

This bread is one of my favourite, in the top 3 actually. I love its natural sweetness from the wheat & grain, with a little bit of honey. With your bold bake, I would imagine it will taste better too with the caramelisation.

Those 6-kg of bread won't last long given that they're so tasty:)



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Thanks Andy! I erroneously typed 3 whereas it is only 2 times the recipe. The total dough weighed about 3.8 Kg.

Thanks, Sue. Indeed, this Recipe is ranked amongst the favorite recipes.

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Great looking loaves and a really beautiful crumb.  Impressive!


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I'd be happy to pull something like that out of my oven, any day.  I'm sure the flavor was as delightful as the appearance.


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This bread is one of my favorite (top 3) and they pair well with a lot things too. It is nice to see all breads came out of the oven after all your hard work. I like the round scoring.


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Very nice bakes, Mebake.   They look perfectly created.   I bet they taste even better.   :-)


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Someone, please invent "Smell O Vision" for the Internet, please.   :-)


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Great looking loaves, Khalid!  I never have tried wholewheat mutigrain actually. I often make Hamelman's five grain levain loaf .  I better try it soon.  Thank you for posting your beautiful successful loaves!!   Did you use dry yeast? Did you retared them ?



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Thank you, Marcus!

Thanks, Paul. Though, i'd have to say that my previous attempts at this bread yielded more flavor due to the prolonged fermentation of the levain. Iam not sure the levain for this bake was fermented all the way. Furthermore, I'am used to higher hydration with this bread, and thus flavor was confined due to the lower hydration.

Thanks, Kim! Its my favorite too.

Thank you gvz! i'am glad you liked it, do try it someday. 

Hi, Akiko! Thank you. I did use instant yeast (2 tsp) for double the recipe actually, therefore, i could not retard.


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hehe, gvz, makes sense now!