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Pizza making

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Pizza making

What is the best flour for homemade pizza making (word fire and regular oven used).  I've used KA reqular and bread flour with a 24 fermenation.  Also trying Caputo 00.  ANy other flours to try.... Would like to try some fresh made flour from a grist mill - any near Philly / Balimore?


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 If you are going to mkae both thin & thick crust types of dough, recently I have been using a 12.8% flour, I get GM Full Strength in 50lb bags, but a bread floud shuld have the same specs, better for bread and king arthur bread flour will work good.



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Caputo 00 won't brown without high heat (higher than a conventional home oven can give)  I use caputo for my WFO, and AP, HG, and bread for my home oven.  I have a local college that re-opened their gristmill a few years ago, and I made some bread with their flower.  It was good, but I can't justify the cost. (approx $1#) 

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I've had very good success with King Arthur Sir Lancelot.  This flour has a higher protein percentage than KA bread flour.  These days, I buy it in 50lb bags.  It's too expensive to buy from the KA website.