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decent inexpensive grain mill

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decent inexpensive grain mill

I just got some fresh wheat berries and I want to grind them into flour. I tried using my beer grinders but they didn't work at all so I had to use my coffee grinder. 

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I just made some fresh wheat bread, it's awesome! But the coffee grinder takes forever..

Anyways, back to my question, where can I get an inexpensive but good grinder for my wheat? any suggestions for good brands? I was thinking about the kitchen aid attachment for grinding flour, it's only about 120$..


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Frequent Flyer

K-Tec (now called Blendtec) grain mill for $180.  It produces various degrees of flour down to really fine but cannot crack or make coarse meal.  I use it weekly and like the product.

I would like to buy the Kitchenaid attachment for coarse grains as well, but my primary need is flour.


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No, not the beer.  Corona mills won't at first give you wheat flour that you'd want to bake into a loaf by itself, but they'll do okay if you grind the flour a couple of times and are willing to at least partially supplement with some regular AP or bread flour.  I think that you could get acceptable loaves up to maybe 50% of the flour ground in this way.

Corona mills are really common in the brewing community, and can occasionally be had for just $20 or so if you look for a while.  Generally though, you find them for around $25 (e.g.  At their best, they give a product that is about the consistency of corn meal or polenta.

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That was my first beer mill, the Corona mill. It didn't work at all. I tried to get a fine ground and it started grinding off the metallic coating on the teeth. I only noticed it because the flour started to become shiny with metal.

And the second grinder I have is called the Barley Crusher, and it couldn't grind anything fine.

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I think the Blendtec will get you fine flour for not much money and not much work.

If you want to grind by hand the Retsel Uni-Ark with stone grinding wheels will do great flour for about $137. It's a lot of work to hand-grind flour though.

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I believe, I got it for $99.