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Looking for a Roasted Garlic Sourdough bread recipe...

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Looking for a Roasted Garlic Sourdough bread recipe...

Hi everyone!

I would love to try a roasted garlic sour dough recipe for Easter. Does anyone have a recipe to share using a starter? Thank you kindly!

Happy baking!


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In Jeffery Hamelman's Bread, there is a great recipe for roasted garlic levain. Perhaps there is a post on the fresh loaf with a copy of the recipe, if not, I recommend purchasing the book since it is a worthwhile buy!

Also, if Susan doesn't mind, on her wonderful site Wildyeast blog, she has posted a delicious recipe worthy of trying. It can be found here; Roasted Garlic Bread.



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There was a thread last week or so about Hamelman's roasted garlic levain.  I don't recall that the recipe was posted there, but in any case it's a wonderful bread, and if there is one bread book that you should own, Hamelman's 'Bread' is it.

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I used this recipe to make a fougasse for a dinner party a couple of weeks ago & it was delicious.  Patsy