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Whole Wheat Pastry Flour for Cakes?

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Whole Wheat Pastry Flour for Cakes?

I have used ww pastry flour for muffins before, but never for cakes or cupcakes.  Has anyone done this or know of any recipes using ww pastry flour in this way?

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I use whole wheat pastry flour for (non-yeast) sweet goods. Cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, pies, any recipe that uses a chemical leavener works well with this soft wheat flour. I also use it for shortbreads and pie crusts that need no leavener.

The texture is a littlle gritty so when I'm baking for mainstream tastes I'll use part unbleached and part ww pastry flour. I just wrote Home Baking for Profit: Over 100 Best-Selling Bakery Recipes. Many of the recipes use part or all ww pastry flour.


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I'm planning on trying to reproduce one of these birthday cakes from a store in Melbourne with WW flour. Will let you know how it goes!

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Regular or white whole wheat flour works great and it's cheaper than pastry flour.

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this is just my HO.

WW pastry flour around here costs .59 per pound but a bit higher in protein [11%]  vs the 2%- 5% in cake flour. Blending the two may be a good/better idea?

For scones and muffins I've been using KArthur unbleached [4%] with great results. Good Luck!

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In Maspeth(Queens) NY all I can get is organic ww pastry flour from Bob's Red Mill for $3.99(3 lb.bag) Regular whole wheat -Stop and Shop brand- it's only $2.29( 5lb bag). 

 I bake about 5 cakes a year (simple chocolate cake like that:

and a a few pie crusts. I love whole grain waffles and pancakes.



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Whole wheat pastry flour is more expensive than ww bread flour, but the results are dramatically different. If there's a health food store near you, purchase the ww pastry flour from their bulk bins. It's often fresher and cheaper than buying prepackaged name brand flour.

For times when I can't find the ww pastry, I use unbleached flour and add a tablespoon of wheat germ per cup of flour. It's not exacatly the same but far more palatable for my customers than using ww bread flour.

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you can exchange up to 1/3 of the AP flour with whole wheat pastry flour. I use the Bob's Red Mill brand, substituting whole wheat pastry flour for some white flour in nearly all my pastries. The taste improves, and so does the shelf life.