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Alternative Hot Cross Buns

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Alternative Hot Cross Buns



I am aware that their is a lot of threads regarding hot cross buns but as the title suggest I am looking for an alternative to the ordinary hot cross bun due to health reasons.



* No modern Wheat - I was thinking maybe 100% Khorasan / Kamut flour as this will probably give the lightest result without using wheat??

* Sourdough rather then bakers yeast as it is better for my digestion and will add to the flavour.

* Unfortunately Dairy Free - So no butter or milk as most recipes require, can I emit these from the recipe or is there an alternative? (I may have a little butter when I taste the final product depending how i feel)

* Little or no sugar - not really a sweet tooth anyway, but I could substitute coconut palm sugar which would give a lovely flavour (similar to brown sugar but much more complex.)


Eggs are fine!

I will add lot of spices (such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg...)  preferably fresh but ground if unavailable.


Has anyone tried something similar before or know of any good recipes similar to this?

Any hint or tips welcome - I have never made hot cross buns and usually just stick with my weekly spelt and grain sourdough loaf.


Thanks Heaps.



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I can't help out on everything but as a vegan, I make artisan breads all the time. I use So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk (also their yogurt) and Earth Balance for the butter/shortening. I've baked lots of loaves and no one has ever known that they are vegan. Just thought I'd let you know you have options.

As for the sugar.. the only other thing I can think of is Sucanat which is still sugar but it has nutrients.

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Thanks for your helpful reply. 

Moments before I read it, I thought maybe coconut milk/cream would be a possible alternative.

I will look into the Earth Balance products - never used them before and not sure if they sell them in Australia.

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Mini Oven

or hot crossed cauliflower using a cheese or mushroom sauce?  Then one has the symbolism without the other traditional ingredients.  Make em savory to go with the rest of the Easter menu.  Cross them with green onion.   Start a healthier tradition.  :)

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100% kamut will give you a lovely golden dough that will have a propensity to flatten out. It has plenty of gluten but it is a very stretchy type tha generally needs a pan to support it. How about spelt along with it? Or farro?

Oil can be substituted for butter and any milk (soy,almond,etc) will work also.

Sugar is a personal choice.

A potato or sweet potato dough would work very nicely for hot cross buns. Take a look around this site for the Sweet Potato Roll recie and just sub the other flours.

Have delicious fun!