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Welbilt Convection Bread Machine

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Welbilt Convection Bread Machine

Hi, I am new here and hoping for some advice!  I recently found a Welbilt Convection Bread Machine ABM-7500 at a thrift store in like-new condition for really cheap.  But it didn't have the user manual.  Tons of web searching hasn't given any results, unfortunately.

Barring locating a copy of the manual online, does anyone have any advice or experience in using a convection bread maker?  I've never had one before (nor have I had a convection oven) so I don't even know where to start.  Does anyone have this machine or have any experience with it at all?

Thank you for your time! :)

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I have a Cuisinart convection bread machine, I have no clue of what makes it different from any other machine, other than I think it runs a bit hot, so I don't bake in it usually, unless I know I am around to watch the last 10-15 minutes or so.

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Here's a link to bread machine manuals.  The Welbilt ones are at the bottom of the listing.  Perhaps one of the manuals is close enough to what you have to be useful.


Dave Hurd, Hilo, Hawaii

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Thank you so much for the replies!  Luckily someone uploaded the manual I needed, so I'm in business. 

I'm trying out my first loaf now.  Wow, the machine is really clunky sounding during the kneading process.  Are most bread machines kind of loud with the banging?  Or is it just because this is an old model?

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When you consider the job they have to do, it's understandable.

Kneading dough routinely kills $300 - $400 mixers, even if they don't "walk" off the kitchen counter. That these little boxes can go about their duties, kneading dough, like little soldiers, is somewhat amazing(especially considering the price you paid).

They will walk off the counter too, given the right opportunity, so be warned.

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I have a paper copy of the 7500.  When I get it copied into PDF, I'll post it here.