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McDonald's Style Burger Bun

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McDonald's Style Burger Bun

Out of curiousity does anyone have a solid recipe for this style of bread. ? 


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Mini Oven

 Factory bread?  I could but I won't.  I like humans.

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If you knew what was in them you'd run!

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Mini Oven

A soft white bread with soft crust and sesame seeds and sweetness.   

how about soft feathery white bread made into buns?

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You're probably looking for a store-bought style bun.

I like the idea of water roux in the "cotton candy" bread Mini posted in her response. 

I found "Wonder Bread Hamburger Bun" ingredients on the Walmart web site

From here you could approximate a formula; the percentages are an educated guess, based on my own experience. 

  • Wheat flour 100%
  • Water 61%
  • Yeast 3.3%
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup or Sugar 3%
  • Soybean (canola) Oil 3%

For the "Less than 2% of ingredients", the salt is essential. 

  • Salt (probably 1.9%)
  • Vinegar
  • Cornstarch
  • Wheatstarch
  • Dough Conditioners
  • Soy Flour
  • Lecithin 

Dough conditioners? Here's an interesting article on dough conditoners from Lallemand in PDF format, which list the types of ingredients in dough conditioners, what they do, and usage percentages in dough formulas.  

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Mini Oven

Yippee has been working successfully with water roux for a while and the inclusion of it in bread without all the enhancers is another way to go.   You can also use the site search machine looking up water roux for more ideas.