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Dough hook shapes

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Dough hook shapes

Has anyone experimented with different dough hook shapes? I see the KA spiral dough hook (single rod) gives a more gentel and rather less uniform motion to the dough. The dough hooks I own are double rod (see pic, middle ones) and I have notice that they seem to be rougher to the dough and you can see the dough actually rips apart on the surface as it kneads the dough.


I'm not sure if using one hook rather than two would make a difference but if only one is used I dont think it would knead the dough properly.

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Yes, those look like they would tear more...although in some way they remind me of a Danish dough whisk. 

On my KA mixer I use the C-hook style. Works fine for me but I think the spiral (corkscrew) is more suited to kneading.

Instead of using the double rod whisks you have, you could always try stretching and folding your dough instead :)

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The tear is somewhat minimal as I still have gluten development but not enough to pass the window pane test. Maybe I'll try 1 hook instead of two and use a smaller bowl, although I dont see it kneading the dough rather just spin it around.

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I just had the pleasure of ordering a new KitchenAid Mixer that has the spiral dough hook.  I'll let you know how it turns out when I get it.  Ordered it through Whirlpool Employee program, so it may be a while before I get it.