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New Nutrimill - now I have some questions...

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New Nutrimill - now I have some questions...

I am so excited!! I received my Nutrimill grain mill today!! 

I ran 2 cups of wheat through the mill as per the instructions....I have a couple of questions.

1. After milling, do you break down the machine and wash all of it?? If not, which pieces do you wash?  Do you take the rubber gaskets off and wash?

2. I noticed an electrical smell when I was milling and moved the upper dial (motor) toward the right for coarser flour.  Is this normal?  I wanted to see how coarse I could get the flour, but stopped when I smelled the electrical smell.  Should I be worried?  Should I be worried about moving the dials around??

3. What setting do you set for flour? (for making bread).

4. Do you leave the hopper extension ring on?? I wanted to put it back in the bowl and I wasn't able to get it back in and put the lid one (without damaging the black rubber gasket).

5. Do you sift your flour when making cake flour or other??

Oh, I just love my mill!!  I got it from AND I  received some lovely grain from her...the grain was so squeeky clean, I was delighted!! The other grain I had ordered from a mill and it was not nearly as clean...

That is all my questions for now...thank you so much :)


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Steph, I think you are going to love your Nutrimill. 

1.  I wipe out the top with a dry paper towel.  If I am going to using it again in the next day or so, I just brush it clean with a pastry brush.  I never remove the gasket, as it seems stuck in place.  Before using, I always make sure I rub a little flour on othe gasket to allow the lid to turn easily for removal.

2.  I think the smell is probably just that break in the new motor smell.

3.  When grinding flour for bread, I set the dial to about 10:00.  The upper dial is set for fine.  If I want more texture in the flour for a specific recipe, I set it more to the right.

4.  I just store the hopper lid on the top, and the bowl in the bottom with the top on loosely.

5.  I use hard white wheat for bread and soft white for things calling for all purpose.  I do not sift.

Other hints I have learned include using a little oil wiped on the button in the back of the mill where the bowl goes. 

If you have any problems, the company is great and they will fix whatever is wrong for the cost of postage to get the unit to them.  I had to have some work done 3 years after purchase and they repaired it no questions asked. 


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Can you please explain what the 'button in the back of the mill' is and why you put oil on it?

I have a Nutramill and there is a small button - red in the center - on the lid where the bowl goes but can't find any mention of it or maintenance of it in my manual.  No clue as to what it is.  12A is printed on it. It is about 1sqcm in size.





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Mary Clare

Last year I had to return my Nutrimill.  Actually they replaced the motor and sent it back - free of charge!  I was instructed NOT to grind hard wheat berries at the 10:00 setting - more like 11:30 or so, to keep the motor from burnout.  

I thought this setting would make for coarser flour but it has not.  I get very nice flour, and probably no motor burnout.

I just brush out the parts -- every once in awhile I'll wash something : )  

Mary Clare

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Mary Clare, thank you so much for the info.  I had to send mine back because of a switch in the back.  I don't want to have to bother with that again so I will take the advice they gave you.  They should really have that in their manual.  Terry

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That is a reset button in. If the motor overheats it is set to automatically turn the machine off. When it cools you would press the reset button. You don't oil that.

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Thanks for the info.  I was wondering what it was :-)