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A month of travel

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A month of travel

In March I travelled.  A lot.  My best guess is about 10,000 miles.  And, of course, when I travel I search for good bread.

Vancouver from Granville Island

First up was a trip to Vancouver for a Canucks game.  I did not get a change to go to all of the bakeries that folks here recommended, but at least I did get a chance to try Siegal's Montreal-style Bagels.


I don't know for certain that these are authentic Montreal-style bagels but fresh out of the oven they were delicious.  I will definitely be hitting Siegal's again the next time I'm up there... Perhaps for a playoff game in a couple of weeks!

Next up, a trip to Chicago for Drupalcon.


The conference was two blocks away from Fox & Obel, an upscale grocery store with a very good bakery in it.  The bakery was recently named one of the ten best bakeries in the US by Bon Appetit magazine.   I did not get a chance to take a photo of any of their breads, but their Olive Ciabatta rolls fueled much of my visit.  And of course I had to try a Chicago style pizza while I was there.  I had a veggie one from Bella Balcino's that was quite good... not a total gut bomb, which I could not handle a few hours before hopping on the plane home.

A quick trip home and back east to Washington DC.

Washington Monument

Incredible weather, decent food, and the Presidential motorcade went past us twice close enough to see Obama's face.  Needless to say, my kids were thrilled.

After DC we went through Providence, RI.  I walked around the Johnson & Wales campus a bit and tried to go to a pizza joint that Peter Reinhart had recommended, but alas it it was closed on the night of the week we were there.

Final destination: Boston.

Mike's Pastry in the North End is famous for their cookies and cannoli.  The Cannoli were excellent but it was the pignoli cookies that really blew my mind.  I definitely intend to find a recipe for something like them soon.

And now we are back.  My starter survived just fine and made some lovely baguettes yesterday.




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Thanks Floyd. I too seek out great food, and especially great bread, when I travel. I'm planning a trip to Italy with my wife and children. We'll be going to Venice and Florence in November. If you, or anyone else has recommendations for bakeries not to be missed, I would be much obliged.


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Thanks for sharing your experiences, Floyd.

What's up with the hook shaped baguette?

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Heh. It was too long for my oven.

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Nice baguettes Floyd, and a great post as well!

Be sure to get your tickets early for the Canucks in the playoffs. The 'Garage' is going to be stuffed and rockin for any final season games.


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Tix go on sale Saturday at 10 AM.  :)

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Lovely photographs from your trips Floyd, thanks for posting these.

Very fine looking baguettes too!

Best wishes


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Floyd it sounds like a nice Month of travel for you and the family. And, you got a software tune up in Chicago. I've never made a deep dish pizza and have been pondering the process recently. Hmm veggie. The cookies do look good. Almond paste and pine nuts I guess. Lots of recipes around. Thanks for sharing your travel pix and welcome home.


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Beautiful pic's...I loved them all but particularly the one taken at Mike's.  Been there, Done that so many times and it absolutely makes my mouth water thinking or remembering.  We always went to the Northend for dinner and after headed straight to Mike's for dessert and goodies to take home.  Thanks so much for sharing.


I made sure my husband got to see the picture because he is Italian through and through and worked in downtown Boston for nearly 7 years and he loved the North End...Well he loves anything to do with his heritage, food and drink.