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Ideas for a commercial mixer

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Ideas for a commercial mixer

I have a sandwich shop and make all of the bread fresh every morning.  I make:


16 baguettes

8 sourdough baguettes

1 full sheet focaccia

6 loaves ciabatta

20 5oz. brioche rolls

20 5oz. honey wheat rolls

12 bagels


I have a 9 month old berkel 30 quart mixer and have had to have it repaired multiple times.  I am going to buy a second mixer to take some pressure off the berkel.  I have a tiny open kitchen.  Any suggestions?

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it is surprising that with berkel you had problems, could you give me an idea what kind of problems were they?? it is quite expensive machine  . .

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I have had to have the pulley replaced once and the belt replace twice.  I am waiting on a new cage, mine lost 3 of the pins that hold it in place.  I don't know if it not resting long enough in between batches.  I start the breads at 4:30 and the last batch comes out around 6:30.  Or, if it is from mixing the brioche and ciabatta on high.