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Busy busy

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Busy busy

Sourdough loaves

I baked three loaves of sourdough yesterday. The dough was lower hydration than I typically do, but they turned out real nice.

I also made pita bread for lunch. The kids loved rolling them out and eating them. I have to remember to make them more often.

The new job at Mercy Corps is keeping me very busy, which is why I am less active here. I'm extremely excited about being there though. It is a great organization full of great people. I couldn't ask for a much better place to work.


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Those are beautiful breads. Did you use your own recipe or a published one?
Congratulations and the Best of Everything on your new job. Mercy Corps is our absolute favorite charitable organization.                                                                                 weavershouse

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I love the shape, what did you proof them in? Did you bake them on the stone?

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I have been inspired by you and this site to try some of the bread others have had success with. This weekend I baked the Thom Cat Semolina bread from Maggie Glezer's Artisan Breads, and a couple of sourdough boules from Peter Reinhart's BBA. And here they are.  I was excited to be able to make a fairly pretty loaf with the semolina bread!

I had posted pictures, but I need to figure out how to put them on a more reasonable size.  They were too big!!

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boules..are they different types of sourdough? Just wondering, because of the color difference..white and whole wheat? Glad to hear you are loving your new postion and working with a great team. All the best to you in your new endeavors!

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Very nice looking loaves, as usual!  :) 

So glad to hear you're new position is going well.

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Floyd, I keep looking at these loaves of bread because they're so beautiful. If you find time I'd love to know how you made them and how they were baked.                                                                               weavershouse