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Water Absorption and Fermenting Times with Freshly Ground Flour

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Water Absorption and Fermenting Times with Freshly Ground Flour

I have been noticing that when I follow formulas people post here that use whole wheat flour that is 'store' bought their doughs apparently do not need quite as much water as freshly ground flour does.

I have never baked with store bought flour so I don't know if there really is a difference or if it is my imagination. I figured someone here might know it there is indeed a difference.

I have also noticed that my doughs ferment a lot more quickly than those that use store bought ww flour....or is that my imagination as well.  I am finding that I have to use a lot less  starter (be it commercial yeast or sourdough) or else my loaves ferment and proof in about half the time recommended in many of the formulas I have tried here.

I am just curious as to what differences others here have found when using home ground flours. 


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It seems freshly-ground flour feels much more sticky than packaged flour. It fooled me into thinking that I had overhydrated my doughs.