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Brioche in my Bosch Universal

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Brioche in my Bosch Universal

Hey guys,


   I just got a Bosch Universal and I want to try and make Brioche.  I have Hemmelman's Bread book and I think that is the recipe I want to try.  I am thinking that the whips that come with the Universal and not string enough to do cold butter.  Can I just use the dough hook?





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I've got an older Bosch and used the dough hook for the brioche.

Link to the piccie (can't figure the image posting out here:-)



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brioche au fromage recipe !!!   Will you share please or point me to the book ?




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This is heavenly Anna - enjoy baking!

Here is the link:

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thank you so much, karooart !!


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I have made brioche in my Bosch Universal using the regular dough arms.  I had made it several times using a stand mixer so I was very familiar with what consistency the dough should have at any particular time.  I also used the recipe from Baking with Julia which I have found to be consistently delicious. In that recipe the butter (lots of butter) is added at the end.

On of the reasons I bought the Bosch is worrying about burning out my KA making doughs such as brioche that need long heavy duty mixing.  The Bosch has accomplished that for me with aplomb -- and it stays put while mixing!

Hope this helps.

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Thank you karooart for sharing the recipe.  I'm very tempted to make this but as I don't have a stand mixer, can I do this by hand or would you not recommend it?  I've worked with a sweet dough using 55 grms butter only  and kneaded it using the Richard Bertinet slap and fold method.  However this looks even more challenging.  I wouldn't want to end up with a sticky mess if I really can't knead this by hand.  Thanks.


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I am not by far experienced enough to help you with that question.  The brioche was the first artisan bread I baked and that is what got me hooked!  I am sure if you ask here on the board or do a search for kneeding brioche by hand you will find help.  Hope it turns out well - the bread is well worth the effort!!!