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Recipe adapted: Pistachio-Walnut Sourdough

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Recipe adapted: Pistachio-Walnut Sourdough

I used the basic recipe from Pearl's Walnut levain (which I made before), but was hoping for a bread with a slightly tighter crumb and with pistachios added to the dough.   I decided to dice the walnuts smaller, and keep the pistachios intact.


worked very well, I am quite pleased with it - the bread is loaded with nuts, so it rose less than it does with the original recipe, but it is absolutey perfect toasted with some gorgonzola cheese.... heaven...

and the best part is that I baked it in my Breville toaster oven...   I'm a happy camper!



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this looks absolutely wonderful!!! Yummy!

Happy baking!


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actually, what amazes me most (besides the beautiful bread) is the extraordinarily clean cuts you got.  the pistachios are perfectly cut through!  nice job.

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You know, one of the best gifts my husband ever gave me was this bread knife... the thing is AMAZING,  I had no idea a good bread knife could make such a difference, but it does.    For sourdough type breads, it is a must have!

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wow that bread is visually striking. the yellow green pistachios are beautiful.

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What a beautiful loaf!
Just thinking of a slice with gorgonzola dripping off it has me practically drooling :).

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Looks stunning, Sally!  Those pistachios look like little gemstones.  Beautiful!


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OK...I'm hungry.  But that bread looks incredibly appetizing.  And it does sound like the perfect base for gorgonzola.  Nice bake, Sally!


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Hello Sally, I must join in with the others and compliment you on this very pretty loaf. The color in the crumb is really something. Those pistachios almost 'glow in the dark' (I like Syd's description - gemstones!)
Oh, and that toaster oven sounds like a keeper! :^)
from breadsong

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And will you tell us what is the bread knife with which you are so happy?


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The scoring is beautiful as is that gorgeous crust. And from a breville toaster oven, that is mighty impressive. Please let us know what kind of bread knife you have. What a great gift from your husband.

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Thanks, everybody...


my beloved said this was his favorite bread ever, so I'm very happy, as I baked it to welcome him home, he was gone on a short trip for 3 days


the bread knife is the big one in this link - I've had it for 2 years and it never lost its sharpness, pretty amazing

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Your husband is a lucky guy.

By the way, I just read a toaster oven test: the Breville was the best (you get what you pay for, of course).