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Best so far?

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Best so far?

Hello fellow bakers - I hope the Gods of baking are smiling upon you :) 

I've just made another guess loaf - (which if you don't know me, means I just guess what I put in and wait to see what happens).

It's the best yet, bar maybe one.

I had a failed loaf yesterday, I think I was too cack handed when I moved it after it's second rise and it deflated - 

not sure if this was due to my using plain flour instead of strong flour - but I should have let it rise for longer after I'd moved it.

But today's (todays?) bread was fantastic (by my standards) and now I'm going to start taking notes.

This one is beautifully soft with a lovely crust which is also soft but firm and chewey.

It's delicious toasted too. 

I want to either try it without honey in it, or try a different honey - I'm not convinced it's the best thing to put in. 

The ingredience are the same as the rest I've done;

1 egg

Milk (actually long life milk!? hehehe dunno if it makes any difference - I think it would)

olive oil


demerera sugar (because it's all I've got and it works)

dried yeast 

strong flour


and I put in my best wishes for a nice loaf

Happy Baking everyone

Take care








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The crust and crumb look really nice Craig.  You are clearly still enjoying bread making, long may it continue.