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KitchenAid 5 QT HD Pro Question

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KitchenAid 5 QT HD Pro Question

I noticed that the bowl support arms on my stand mixer were rocking back and forth today, and making noise as I was mixing my bread in the stand mixer.  I used only enough flour to make one loaf, so the ingredients were not enough to make the bowl arms rock, and I heard the "click" at the back when I securely attached the bowl to the arms.  When I took the bowl off the bowl arm support, it seemed loose.

Is there a way to secure the bowl support arms?  Or is this normal?


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I recently bought the same kitchenaid...well, on craigslist. BUT I used it out to make sure I didnt get anything not working. And the same thing happened! And at first I was trying to find the number to yell at the guy I bought it from...But then my boyfriend said it looked normal mechanically, and bowl was locked in, and the bowl lifter was up all the way. months in, it still rocks...but it still works too :)

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I noticed with my Pro 600 that occasionally the tab screw would come loose.  This would cause the bowl not to lock in properly.  After tightening the screw everything was good.


I've since moved on to the Bosch Universal Plus, which I love.

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If your dough is so firm that the hook can't knead through it, than yes, that's what going to happen.