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Baguette Pans in Toronto

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Baguette Pans in Toronto

Hey guys!


  Does anyone know where I can purchase baguette pans here in Toronto.  I do not mind buying things online but I ma thinking this is something I can find locally.


  Thank you in advance



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Nikolaou Restaurant Equipment

They seem to have a very good reputation, although I've never been there myself. If I still lived in T.O. I would at least drop in and see what they have to offer. It sounds like it's one of those ancient mom-and-pop places that have lasted decades in spite of competition from modern expensive boutique competition.

The store was burned back in 2008 (neighbouring store caught fire) and people in the food blogosphere were panicked they'd close down. But the damage was minor and they re-oppened quickly

Give them a ring first if you want to make sure before you head out, they'll know what you're talking about. I'd just drop in and check this famous place out myself, see if it's as awesome as they say.

Golda's Kitchen may also have what you want and you can order online.

Happy baking,




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Ideally baguettes should not be baked on any type of pan. Save your money, and rather invest it on a good baking stone and a couche (or let them proof free standing). Not saying it's going to be easier, but with practice your results will be superior! Hope this helps.

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I have a stone and have been baking them on parchment paper directly on the stone.  I am getting decent results.  My poblem is with proofing, they expand out more than up and I thought a baguette pan would help me with that.

Anf Thank You Paul for the links.  I have been trying to find a good place in Canada that sells all this type of thing online!



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A good heavy untreated linen which has enough stiffness to hold the proofing baguettes in the folds will work for you.  Recommend the linen available on the SF Baking Institute website.  If you search "couches" on this website you'll find lots of information.


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I bought this "French Bread Pan" at CaynesHousewares.  I shape the baguettes and rest in the pan on a strip of parchment. When my oven is ready I slide off the pan, score and pop in the oven. I could probably have jury-rigged something - but for $5 I figured I'd try it. My baguettes will never be anything to write home about - but they are an ongoing challenge for me :)

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I've purchased bread baking equipment from Nikolaou.  It's a funky, interesting spot packed to the ceiling with gear.  Even found a pain de mie pan there for a five pound loaf.  Hint: bring cash and haggle with Nick.  Still, I'd have to agree that baguette pans are not the way to go.