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What do you think to these?

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T Cake

What do you think to these?

Hi All,

I'm on the lookout for some tall bread pans at the moment, so that I can make a tall loaf, rather than the wider, shallow ones that you get with a lot of tins. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your opinion of these with me...

I'm not so fussed about non-stick, as I find this always tends to deteriorate over time. I've got some glazed ceramic dishes, which work well but are of the wide variety. I just wanted to find out if anyone uses these type of pans successfully, or thinks I'll get stuck, not having any non-stick.


T Cake

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I have some pans of a very similar size.  Although my current ones are non-stick, I have used the ones without the non-stick coating very successfully.  I can't remember ever having a loaf stick. A thin layer of unsalted butter rubbed onto the surface will prevent your loaf from sticking.  After a while the butter will form a thin veneer which will act like a non-stick coating. 

I have used my non-stick pans for over three years now (and I use them quite regularly, too) without any deterioration of the coating.  Just a thought.  However, even though they are non-stick, I still rub them with butter before I place the shaped loaf in them.  Some added insurance, I suppose.  It probably also protects the non-stick coating.


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Most of my breads are baked in the 4" wide pans with higher sides, of varying lengths.  Sometimes I like making double loaves in the really long ones, but they're usually 9 or 10" long.  I like the height I get in the narrower pans.  None of mine is non-stick.