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Windowpane at Pepe, Sallys' and Modern

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Windowpane at Pepe, Sallys' and Modern

My question is what process do the Great Pizza Places like Pepe's Sally's and the other great pizza places use for mixing their dough. Anyone have a quess as to wether or not they use a sourdough culture or make dough fresh and cold rise, do they mix until a window pane develops?

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I've not heard of Pepe's or Sally's and suspect they are regional restaurants.  

The other day I was in our local pizza joint,  peeked into their kitchen, and saw a lovely big old Hobart in the corner and lots of 50# sacks of flour.

I think any place that does a lot of dough volume is going to use a commercial mixer, such as a Hobart. 

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Both use 120 quart Hobarts. Doug is prepared daybefore and cold rise in walk-in.

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Peter Reinhart's PizzaQuest site.  He has a multi-part video on Mazza, Nancy Silverton's pizze restaurant.  A lot of your questions are addressed in those videos.