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A Feline Foundling and Steeped in Red

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A Feline Foundling and Steeped in Red

Two years ago we found a little stranger on our doorstep, attracted by the tantalizing smell of barbecued chicken, and my (universally understood) call to the food bowl: "Miez, Miez, Miez (= kitty, kitty, kitty)!" The little Maine Coon was skin and bones under her pretty fur, and ate ravenously what we gave her. She must have been lost for quite a while.

A call to the animal hospital led to a tearful reunion of kitty and her owners. They told us she had vanished three months ago, and they had given up all hope of seeing her again. A token of their gratitude were two large bottles of wine, one white, one red.

Since I am the only occasional imbiber in this household - Richard getting headaches from alcohol - I had to figure out what to do with the 2-liter bottles of vin ordinaire. Once open, the contents had to be consumed - or else turn to vinegar.

The white finally ended in the glasses of the non-discriminating younger members of my family. The red started collecting dust in the basement. Finally I found a recipe for "Beef Goulash in Barolo", a clipping from a German foodie magazine. Being pretty sure that any other dry red would do as well, half of the bottle found its way into this delicious, spicy stew.

But what about the other half? Not another stew, not noble enough for Coq au Vin, so it had to be pastry. Red Velvet Cake was an obvious choice, but too much fuss, I wanted something simpler. And I found it, rich and spicy enough to mellow the dryness of the wine, moist and scrumptious: Red Wine Cake.

Here is a link to the recipe:


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And great looking cake too.  That look scrumptious!  Where does the line form?

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Nice one Karin. What a lovely story too.


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...and she found a home with barbecued chicken, she would choose to stay in her new home.

Nice story and the cake sounds great!


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and the cat too!  It really looks delicious!  (In my house, the bottle would never have made it anywhere close to the mix, I'm afraid).


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OldWoodenSpoon, we kept it a secret, and gobbled it nearly all down already, so we avoided the line.

Sue, thanks!

Glenn, we would have gladly kept the kitty - and shared the barbecued chicken - if we hadn't found her owners.

Larry, that wine is, as Germans say, a "Rachenputzer" - something to scrape out your throat. It served its purpose well with all those spices (in the the stew) and the sugar and cinnamon (in the cake). I drank the last of it more out of duty than anything else.

Happy baking,