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seeking flaky-crusted rolls

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seeking flaky-crusted rolls

On my search for a specific type of sandwich roll. A good description of what I'm going for:

  1. chewy but light inside
  2. crust that is very thin, slightly crispy, shatters into big thin flakes then you bite in or tear off a piece, slightly leathery too with a little bit of tug
  3. crust finish is yellowish & golden.

Tried Norm's rolls sans onions, but didn't achieve the result I was looking for. The interior of the Norm's hard roll was too fluffy, too hamburger bun-esque, with insufficient chew. The crust was not bad: it had the right thin leatheriness, some of that tug, but did not have that shattering quality that I'd like to get. Will try to post photos in a bit. 

I think I might have to try the Kaiser Roll recipe. As far as crumb goes, I think I might have to try a preferment (sponge, etc) of some sort to help with the chew & flavor. Any other recommendation for recipes to try would be appreciated. 



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Not bad, challah might fit the bill. I'll give it a shot. Any recipe that you recommend?

I was looking for more of a french roll or italian sandwich deli roll.

I think the Bernard Clayton Petit Pain recipe might fit the bill.

This recipe for Bollilos might work too, but not sure. 

EDIT: another one to add to the list: sortachef's recipe for Italian hoagie rolls, or the Italian Hero sandwich rolls in this thread

I don't think I can get the flavor and texture I want without a preferment.

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Scali Bread would fit.

Recipe is on KA's site.

You also can search here for people's tryouts

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How about the Eggshell Rolls from The Complete Book of Breads?  Seems like it might be fairly close to what you describe.


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This one looks interesting, especially the addition of beaten egg whites to the dough. 

I'll give this one a shot.