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Happy Birthday, Bob!

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Happy Birthday, Bob!

I went down to the Red Mill to wish Bob a happy 82nd birthday today.

Bob and Charlee Moore

Most folks on the West Coast, particularly bakers, are very familiar with Bob Moore and his Red Mill.  For the rest of you folks: Bob's story is well worth reading in full.  In short, over the last forty years Bob built a hugely successful business promoting whole grains and healthy eating.  Bob's Red Mill's products are widely distributed in grocery and health food stores all over the US and Canada.

 A year ago, Bob celebrated his 81st birthday century by handing ownership of his company over to the employees.  This year, Bob celebrated by giving away $5 million to Oregon State University and another 1.3 million to Portland's National College of Natural Medicine to fight childhood obesity.

After a toast from a few friends and associates, Bob gave a brief thank you speech and got a laugh with his suggestion that starting the day with hot cereal was the key to his longevity and good health.  

(You can find more photos of the Red Mill and of Dave's Killer Bread Bakery, which is right across the street, in this Flickr slideshow).

I spoke to Bob briefly but long enough to give him my thanks and express my appreciation for all he has done for the community, both the baking community and Oregon.   

Happy Birthday, Bob!  May you have many more and continue to be a role model to us all.


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Great story. I'm happy to support the Red Mill by buying their excellent product. 

Happy Birthday Bob!

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Mini Oven

May the quality milling never stop.

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Just think what a wonderful world this would be if there were more entrepreneurs out there like Bob Moore.  In this world of contentious politics, his example of caring and generousity should be followed.


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Bob's flour was the first non-supermarket flour I used when I started baking my own bread.  Got some inspiration from the recipes on the BRM site, and then found TFL, and away we went.  If I were in the area, I'd certainly take a tour of their facility.