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No Knead Problems

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No Knead Problems

Essentially No Knead bread is just 100% pre ferment? Yes or No?

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what you mean by 100% pre-ferment?


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No, it is not 100% preferment.  It's a dough.

A preferment is used to flavor the final bread formula and they can be either wet or firm.

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You are correct.  You are essentially using a large amount of preferment as a final dough.

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Hmmmm....that settles it doesn't it! LOL

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REminds me of a joke in Fiddler on the Roof!

Tevye:  He's right.  And she's right. 

Another person:  Well, they both can't be right.

Tevye:  You're right. 

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Paul Paul Paul ...

A no knead bread is a bread that you don't knead. Isn't it self explanatory? That is the ONLY requirement for your bread to be called no knead. And if your bread was 100% preferment it wouldn't be a preferment it would be a dough. No knead bread doesn't necessarily have preferment.

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I suppose what I was getting at was that its treated like a pre ferment and then shaped and baked.  Other ingredients make it different but the handling of it as far as the mixing and 12 to 20 hour ferment, just reminds me of a starter with salt .

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is just dough that was forgotten and picked up and baked after it was deflated and dropped into a hot pan.