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Trying to find a good 10 qt mixer

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Trying to find a good 10 qt mixer

So I have almost killed my poor 5 qt mixer and want to get something bigger.  I have been looking online for mixers but find it hard to find anything.  I don't want something made in China unless it has a really long warrenty.  Most sites don't say where the mixer is made, or they list several countries where it may be made (China is always listed).  If I am going to pay $1000 for a machine I want it to last.  I don't know.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Maybe you have a China made mixer that is running well after many years.  There doesn't seem to be any mixer review sites so I am left to my own devices. 

So, do any of you have any recommendations for a good quality 10 qt mixer?  Countertop would be nice.  What works for you all?  Ant help would be appretiated.

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Used hobart. I think they have a 10. The 20 is allegedly a countertop mixer, but you would need a heck of a countertop. I just bought one this weekend, and it was bolted to a 2x2 prep table with what look like cut down legs. Works like a champ, but a little ugly. But it probably weighed 250 lbs and took 3 guys and an SUV to move. 

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Why not look into something like the Bosch Universal?

I just bought one off for $359 + free shipping!  Unfortunately that deal is over and the cheapest now is about $392.

Check out the link below, it shows someone using it to mix a 9 loaf batch of whole wheat dough, I believe it was 17lbs of dough.

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That is perfect for what I am trying to do (actually I was looking to do 8 loaves so it is really perfect).  My husband is German so he is really excited about the Bosch too.  I think we have decided on it.