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Hammelman's Ciabatta w/ poolish

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Feelin Crumby

Hammelman's Ciabatta w/ poolish

Hello All,

This morning I mixed the poolish with the rest of the ingredients (hand mixing/kneading), but forgot the salt until the dough had already come together. When I realized my mistake, I added the tbsp. of salt in 3 increments, and continued to knead. Any thoughts on the effect this might have on my loaves? Thank you.


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The loaves should be fine.  The salt retards (slows down) the yeast feeding frenzy so the dough does not proof too quickly resulting in underdeveloped flavors.  As long as you added salt and kneaded it in you should be fine.  This is why my grandmother always taught me to taste the raw dough before we stopped kneading. If the salt, yeast, or sugar was missing you would know and be able to adjust before you put it in the oven.  Hope this helps.

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Hi Jim,

I've forgotten to add the salt a couple of times after the Hamelman VT sourdough had been mixed.  Mixing it in late didn't seem to have any effect on the bread.

Better late than never.