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Flour Supply in Denver and other locations nationwide

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Flour Supply in Denver and other locations nationwide

This is just a heads-up for Denver-area bakers...It took me a while to locate this facility, but there is a mill in Platteville, CO, about 30 minutes north of the Denver metro area. You can purchase a nice selection of flours (organic and conventional, standard and specialty) in 50 or 100 pound bags during regular business hours. Before I found this company, I had a lot of trouble locating flour in sizes that were greater than 10lbs, but less than a metric ton.

The website with flour and contact information are at They also have locations in Kansas, Arizona, Minnesota and several on the East Coast.

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Postal Grunt

The mill was once an independent known as Rocky Mountain Flour Milling. There's a brief writeup in Maggie Glezer's book "Artisan Baking" that covers the how and who of the startup of the mill.It's good to know that they will sell to the public.

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For people who are looking for whole grains who live in the Denver area there is a woman who sells organic whole grains at great prices in Arvada.

Check out her prices on her web site:

She also has NutraMills and Bosch mixer for sale...lots of other things too and is worth checking out if you are into milling your own flours and want organic at low prices..