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Cracking Your Baking Stone: New Techniques, Extraordinary Disappointment

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Cracking Your Baking Stone: New Techniques, Extraordinary Disappointment

Learned a new way to crack a baking stone recently: put a room-temp stainless steel bowl on it with the oven set to 500F.

I put it open-side up to pre-heat for the famous "magic bowl" steaming technique. Apparently, the bowl acted as some kind of super-efficient heat sink. The stone cracked, though not all the way through, from what I can tell. It still holds together pretty well, and since the crack is about 1/3 of the way from the right edge, I can still load it with a normal size boule or batard.

I've had this one for years--really well-seasoned, nothing stuck to it (except pizza, when cheese got under the crust once), thick, perfectly sized to my oven. I think it came from Sur la Table, but I can't remember for sure.

What a bummer. The bread did turn out great, though--a very lofty, super-tasty version RLB's Basic Hearth Bread.

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Oh so sorry those kinds of things really stink! I can relate I recently broke one of my prized crystal goblets that are no longer available. I was trying to be fancy with jello at Christmas I hate to admit it but I cried! For 17 years I have had a perfect set of matching wine and tea glasses now I don't. Really it's just material but when you just love something you just love it. I'm glad your bread turned out!

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jstreed,   My worst experience with breaking a pizza stone:  I had accidentally left an electric cooktop burner ON, and unaware, laid a room temperature favorite pizza stone on that, temporarily. Holy Kamoly ! It was pretty scary.....sounded like a gunshot when it blew. No injuries, but I think I gave up replacing yet another one after that. Then I went to a fabulous estate-sale at a lovely home and found a great one, and thus far, I've treated this one very carefully. The sale was in a home with a lot of the wonderful cooking tools that we all love.  I made out like a bandit.

tomcatsgirl,  don't give up on replacing your broken goblet....if you don't know the manufacturer, or even the pattern name, Ebay or Replacements are a great source....spend some time trying to identify your pattern. I had several of my favorite dishes on my dining table, and my favorite tomcat did a three-point-landing in the middle of the table, and I had to replace several pieces. Tomcat managed to live a long life after that, but I am more careful now where I place dishes, waiting to be put away.