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Yogurt Carrot Bread (so soft and light)

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Yogurt Carrot Bread (so soft and light)

Been experimenting a little lately, and so far this is the recipe I'm most satisfied with. Baked it twice already and it's been amazing both times.


200g wheat flour
200g durum/semolina flour
40g wheat flour - for dusting and adding if it's too sticky.
15g fresh yeast
200g water
15g sugar
5g sea salt
100g plain natural yogurt
25g oil (preferably olive)
40g carrots.

Peel the skin off the carrots and use your peeler to finely slice bits of the carrot. Chop the carrot slices to reasonable pieces, quite small.

Mix the yeast with the tepid water as usual, add the sugar and salt and mix everything. Add the yogurt, make sure it's about room temperature, if it's too cold, microwave it for a few seconds, add the oil as well.

Get your flour in the bowl, add around 100g at a time and mix with a fork for as long as it makes sense. Get your hands in and start the kneading. The entire dough needs to be kneaded for approximately 10 minutes. While kneading add the carrots, little by little, so they get into the dough.

Get the dough into a bowl and let the dough rise for 6 hours (should quadruple). Get the dough out and handle it really carefully, shape it into loaves or rolls and let it rise under a moist lukewarm clean towel for around 2 hours.

Get your oven to maximum temperature, place the bread in and turn the heat down to 200°C. Bake it to taste or until golden brown. If possible spray milk on the loaf/rolls every once in a while. If possible, use steam while baking.

Expect incredibly light, fluffy and tasty bread.


*They are not supposed to be this burned


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Nice looking crumb and crust color.


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Would you mind if I featured it on the home page for a bit?

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Mind? I would be incredibly honored!

Hey! Let me know if you think I should get US measurements as well or correct something first.

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Are you adding the flour to the liquids in 100g increments, or adding the liquids to the flour in 100g increments?

The bread looks fantastic! I can't wait to try it!

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flour to liquids, always works for me.

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I'll try it out - using a food processor for the carots, though. With "wheat flour", do you mean whole wheat or (all-purpose) white flour?

Don't worry, US bakers often use grams, too.




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Yeah, I suppose it's what you call "all purpose" - it's definitely white. Feel free to share your results here in the comment section.