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Bread from the future

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Bread from the future

I baked a couple of things this weekend.  The first was the Sourdough Carrot Cake recipe from King Arthur that someone (TXFarmer?) posted about a couple of months back.

Carrot Cake Muffins

I halved the recipe and baked them as cupcakes rather than a cake.  It is quite good and a useful way of disposing of ripe starter.

I thought I also baked a walnut levain today, but judging by the timestamp* this is a loaf that I'll bake 205 years from now.

Walnet Levain

It looks like it'll be good.  I'm looking forward to trying it someday!


* I suspect the fact that my 8 year old son has been borrowing my camera to make stop action movies with Lego figures recently has something to do with the timestamp getting changed.  


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I believe that loaf will taste great when the time comes Floyd. And ya can't beat carrot cake in my book!

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It's a beautiful loaf for any era.  

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I expect to have gotten pretty good at bread baking, if I live so long.

I will have made 30,000 baguettes and might have the scoring right.

If my retirement plan does ok, I will have a steam-injected deck oven and a professional proofing box.

My tendonitis might be a tad worse, so I might need a spiral mixer.

TFL will have gone inter-galactic by then.


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no matter what the date may be.


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Those both look delicious! Good thing about pics having zero calories! I guess I don't have to worry about the second one for quite a while yet. Lovely bakes!

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Good thing you used a levain in the walnut bread - it should increase the lasting qualities, though 2216 is a stretch.


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I doubt I'll look as good as your bread if I make it to 2216....   

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 Simply amazing how real hand made bread has changed so little over more than 2 centuries. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into what future generations will hopefully know as bread.


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I checked the date. It's a Sunday Floyd, and you have the day off to play with your family who will all be in a geriatric ward. lol


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Are you sure you've told us all the ingredients in those cupcakes, Floyd?  ;-)

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Hello Floyd, Everything looks tasty! and that carrot cake looks like a really good way to use extra starter. Thanks for posting the link to the KAF recipe. 
from breadsong