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Scrubber for removing dough

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Scrubber for removing dough

I found a really neat product the other day. I was looking for some kind of non scratching pad for cleaning my cast iron fry pans. I found 3M has a new product called Scotch-Brite Stay Clean scrubbers. They claim even eggs and cheese won't stick to them. They are right. The pad has a unique nylon ( I think ) surface with little bumps on it. The pad is lavender in color. It works great for cleaning my pans, but I also found out it works terrific for cleaning a bread bowl or Kitchen Aid mixer bowl that is full of dried or wet dough bits. I have found nothing that works as good as this for that purpose. If there is any dough on the working surface of the pad when you are done, you can just brush it off with your finger.


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Curious where you found this product - a grocery store, Home depot type place, or where?  I also heard of using mesh bags like onions come in and have done that - works ok.


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looks like they have them at wally-world


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These really do work well, especially in conjunction with a handy little square plastic scraper.

No more nasty sponges or stubborn dough getting into the wash and gluing my clothes together!

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Get one of these, I got mine at walmart. Heavy nylon bristles, NOTHING sticks or stains them.

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this very flexible bowl scraper (costs $1) and cold water.  It's flexible enough to get at all the dough inside and outside the bowl.  It's really all you need. 



That said, I'll keep an eye out for the scoth brite scrubbers. 



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I guess I'm almost anal in scraping my mixing bowls, rarely leaving much anything of consequence when the dough is finished and scraped from the bowl. Nothing much left but a thin film, if anything. Never considered the cleaning much of a chore.

It almost causes me anxiety when I see, even the pros, leaving all that extra stuff in the bowl, on counters, etc.

But like you, all scrubbers, brushes, etc, always welcome.

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Picked up a package of the Scotch-Brite scrubbers today.  It's excellent for cleaning those bits of dried dough that seem to hide out in my sink.  Does a better job than my sink brush, with less effort.

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Greata idea rodrip!  I picked a package of these up at Walmart yesterday and used it this morning for cleaning both the bowl and sink when bread making.  So easy to clean both objects and scrubber.


Dave Hurd, Hilo, Hawaii